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Tropical Breeze Loose Leaf Tea

Tropical Breeze Loose Leaf Tea

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A cooling blend of tropical flavors for iced tea.

-Lemongrass, also know as fever grass in the tropics, has been shown to cool the body and reduce inflammation.

-Hibiscus, rich in antioxidants, has long been used to increase heart health.

-Orange Peel has the benefit of improving digestion and strengthening the immune system.

-Blueberry leaves have been shown to be rich in antioxidants, acts as a neuro-protectant and helps regulate blood sugars. 

Ingredients: Organic Lemongrass, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, USA grown dried Organic Orange Peel and Hand Picked, Dried Blueberry Leaves from Williams Blueberry Farm in Mims, Florida.

To use:

Iced Tea: We recommend filling a 2" Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser per 8 cups of tea (or 2 full infusers per gallon) and setting overnight or brew outside to make sun tea. Stir in organic sugar or preferred sweetener to your taste. Add ice when ready. 

Hot Tea: One teaspoon per cup of tea, poured over with very hot water. Let steep 3-4 minutes. 

Product photo by Wild Island Trading Company.

Man sipping tea photo by Matthew Henry on Burst.

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