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Gray Nicker Beans, Fevernut, Mancala Stones

Gray Nicker Beans, Fevernut, Mancala Stones

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Also known as gray nickerbeans, sea pearls, seabeans, Caesalpinia bonduc seeds.

Collected from the beaches of Florida. Wildcrafted. Colors range from white or light grey to olive green. About the size of a nickel, 1/2" to 3/4". Authentic display item, or used for jewelry making.

"These little grey seapearls are the seed of the warri tree, otherwise known as knickernuts. They grow in coastal regions on beaches or near mangroves. Often used in the Caribbean for mancala games (like oware) and jewelry making. Once known as "quinine of the poor", they have even been used medicinally to fight malaria".

Often worn as a pendant to ward off evil.

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