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25 .oz Glass Tea Pot with stainless steel infuser

25 .oz Glass Tea Pot with stainless steel infuser

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This 25 .oz glass tea pot infuser features a durable design and sleek black plastic body. A sturdy handle ensures a solid grip for precise pouring, while a convenient knob handle makes placement and removal of the lid quick and easy. The clear tempered glass carafe enables optimum visibility from all angles so your guests can keep an eye on the strength and level of tea within. This tea pot infuser is perfect for apothecaries, cafes, bistros, and coffee shops alike!

The removable stainless steel infuser allow you to steep tea to the desired strength and makes the filling and cleaning processes a breeze.

How to use:

1.) Fill stainless steel infuser with loose leaf tea.
2.) Place infuser into teapot.
3.) Carefully pour hot water over infuser into teapot. Allow to steep 3-5 minutes, or as desired.

Product photo by Wild Island Trading Company.

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